How To Drink Coffee Tequila

Anyone who is looking to spice up their regular tequila shot will find exactly what they are looking for in the world of coffee tequila. It’s the perfect blend of two of life’s greatest pleasures, and has a unique flavor. Coffee tequila has been increasing in popularity over recent years, leading to endless variations of flavors and recipes.

Coffee Tequila is brewed differently than your typical tequila. The primary ingredients are also different. Instead of using yeast, like traditional tequila, coffee tequila is made with Arabica or Robusta coffee beans, heated and steeped in water and filtered tequila. The Variaciones de Café tequila offerings give drinkers a plentiful selection of coffee tequila.

Typically, coffee tequila is served over ice, or as part of a refreshing cocktail. It blends perfectly with your favorite ingredients, like fruits, juices or creams. Plus, its smooth and creamy flavor highlights the strong and peppy taste without being overwhelming. The mixture of coffee and tequila is definitely a surprising and complex combination that yields a unique flavor that never fails to impress.

Coffee tequila adds the perfect burst of flavor to any spicy Mexican food dish. When combined with cilantro, limes, and red pepper, it creates a unique taste sensation that’s both sweet and smokey. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your coffee, adding a shot of coffee tequila is a sure bet. It’s great served as a flavor enhancer in various flavors with coffee, like espresso martinis and affogatos.

Aside from the flavor and texture, the biggest appeal of coffee tequila lies in the impressive health benefits it offers. Unlike regular tequila, coffee tequila has relatively low levels of alcohol but still contains high levels of naturally-occurring antioxidants. It also helps improve concentration, and reduce stress and fatigue. So, whether you’re looking for a new way to wind down after a long, tiring day, or a way to enhance the tequila-drinking experience, coffee tequila is a great choice.

In short, coffee tequila is an excellent drink that not only enhances the flavor of tequila, but also provides numerous health benefits. Whether enjoyed as part of a cocktail, over ice or as a flavor enhancer in coffee-based beverages, it can bring a unique and complex flavor to many recipes. If you’re looking to switch up your regular tequila drinking routine, you can’t go wrong with coffee tequila.

Variations of Coffee Tequila

If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for something a little different, there are loads of variations on coffee tequila that you can explore. From smooth, robusta-based coffee tequila-espresso blends to lighter, Arabica-infused coffee liqueurs and cream-alternatives, there’s something to suit every taste. Some of the most popular variations include Café Olla and Café Corzo, two popular Mexican coffee tequilas.

Pairing coffee tequila with robust chocolaty notes is another great way to elevate the flavor. Sure, it’s the simplest of combinations, but the result is truly incredible. Plus, the sweetness of chocolate will make the taste of coffee tequila even smoother and more balanced. The result is a rich, complex beverage that rivals any type of traditional tequila.

For those looking for an unexpected twist, a combination of French press-brewed coffee and coffee tequila works really well. The resulting flavor has dark roast and chocolate notes, giving you a lighter, fruitier flavor. The combination of flavors make for a wonderful, unique experience.

At the end of the day, it’s all about experimenting and having fun. Try combining different variations of coffee tequila with different spirits or mixers and see what works best for you. It’s a great way to explore different flavor combinations and discover something new.

Tips For Drinking Coffee Tequila Responsibly

Of course, before starting your coffee tequila exploration, it’s important to do so responsibly. Here are some tips to ensure you’re being responsible when it comes to drinking coffee tequila:

  • Drink only when you are in a safe, responsible environment
  • Drink water between drinks
  • Know your limits and make sure to keep track of how much you’ve had
  • Never drink and drive
  • Never pressure anyone into drinking
  • Always be aware of your surroundings

Keeping these tips in mind will help you enjoy your coffee tequila responsibly. Always be sure to drink in moderation and never drink to excess.

Pairing Food With Coffee Tequila

As previously mentioned, coffee tequila pairs perfectly with any spicy Mexican food dish. This combination is incredibly versatile, as you can use the sweetness of the coffee tequila to balance out the heat of the spices. Aside from Mexican cuisine, coffee tequila also pairs perfectly with creamy sweet desserts, such as dark chocolate cake, or with white chocolate mousse and fresh berries. Experiment with different flavors and combinations and discover what works best for you.

Mixing Coffee Tequila With Other Drinks

One of the best things about coffee tequila is that it can be enjoyed either alone or in combination with other drinks. Mixing coffee tequila with juice or soda water makes for a unique, lighter flavor. It also works fantastically as part of a sweet, fruity cocktail. Try combining coffee tequila with grenadine, orange juice and a hint of lime. Or try mixing it with Midori and orange juice.

Recommended Brands Of Coffee Tequila

If you’re looking to get started on your coffee tequila journey, these are some of the top-recommended brands: Tequila Corralejo, Tequila Partida, Tequila Lumbre and Tequila Patron.

The good thing about these brands is that they are all produced using natural ingredients and are relatively low in alcohol content. This makes them the perfect choice for casual drinkers who don’t want to get too overwhelmed. These brands also offer a variety of different flavors, from light and sweet to dark and smoky.


Coffee tequila is a truly unique and flavorful alcoholic beverage that is gaining popularity all around the world. It has a low alcohol content but still provides the unique flavor of tequila, with the added bonus of being made with coffee beans that offer numerous health benefits. There are so many ways to enjoy coffee tequila, and by following the tips and recommended brands above, you can make sure you get the best out of your coffee tequila experience.

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